How To Use Tennis Ball For Exercises To Cure Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis exercises tennis ball

Do you have plantar fasciitis and want to get rid of it? Are you looking for the ways to treat plantar fasciitis? Want to know how can you cure plantar fasciitis at home with an ease? Well, if these are your questions then you can know the answers here. Yes, here, in this blog, you will get to know everything about plantar fasciitis and how can you treat this foot issue with an ease.

If you are an athlete then it is possible that you may have many injuries. However, in order to treat plantar fasciitis, you can try several things from acupuncture to foam rolling. It has been found that the simplest treatments are always the best effective treatments because you can try them often at your home. Well, apart from different treatments, you can also try some exercises. Yes, you can take tennis ball to try the exercises for plantar fasciitis. But before that, it is important to know what plantar fasciitis is. So, go through the below sections of this blog to know about plantar fasciitis and how to perform different plantar fasciitis exercises with tennis ball.


Plantar Fasciitis heel-bone-pain


The plantar fasciitis are a thick band of tissue that generally stretches from the heel bone to the toes. It used to create that beautiful arch in the foot. Your plantar fasciitis can become inflamed due to overstretching and overuse of tissues. Plantar fasciitis is just the common foot conditions that cause pain, most probably in the heel. It makes very difficult for people to even walk. Some conservative treatment includes foot and heel stretching exercises that generally improve the plantar fasciitis condition as time passes by.


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Some Plantar Fasciitis Exercises With Tennis Ball

There are some easy to apply exercises for plantar fasciitis with tennis ball. These are the different exercises that you can try to heal plantar fasciitis. Tennis ball is the best thing you can take to apply some exercises to heal plantar fasciitis. So, look at the below different exercises and cure plantar fasciitis and get rid of foot issue forever.


Bending The Tennis Ball


If you want to strength the feet and improve the support they used to provide, then it is a good idea to try this exercise that generally help you improve the muscles and tendon flexibility. This activity will help you relax the foot from pain but this will also strengthen the sole of the ankle, foot as well as legs.

In order to apply this exercise, you can place the tennis ball against the wall and bend the foot. You can then place the ball just below the upper part of the foot while keeping the heel on the ground. You can stretch the upper body toward the wall in order to increase the stretch. It would be better if you take three very slow breaths, then rest and then repeat this eight times a day.


Rolling Massage to Alleviate Plantar Fasciitis


If you roll out the feet with a tennis ball then it is the best therapies you can use to rehabilitate the foot and to relieve plantar fasciitis pain. If you do so then it will massage and stretch the foot and reduce the plantar fasciitis pain.

In order to apply this plantar fasciitis exercise, you have to calmly sit on the chair while you keep your back straight. Now, you can place the tennis ball under the foot’s sole. You can then apply the pressure on the ball gently by pushing the foot to the ground and then slowly moving backward and forward. With this, the ball will be moved from your toes to the heel. You can then roll the foot on the ball for about just 30-40 seconds. You can repeat this exercise twice a day for some regular days.


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Pressure Point Exercise With Tennis Ball




The exercise – pressure point with tennis ball generally focus on relaxing the muscles on the back of the foot, and the affected plantar fasciitis area. With the help of this exercise, it will allow you to place the ball just below the area where you feel the very plantar fasciitis concentrated pain.

You can try this exercise by just placing the tennis ball under the ball of the foot. After this, you can firmly press down the ball for about 10-15 seconds. You can simply change the position of the ball just towards the bottom or top of the foot and then repeat this. You can start this exercise in the area that is just closer to the base of the toes and then slowly move down exactly towards the heel.


Relaxation Stretch With Tennis Wall


The relaxation stretch used to combine work of breathing with pressure on the tight areas. This will help the reactivate blood circulation and then reduce the inflamed area. The pressure placed on the ball will massage the soft area of the foot and it will provide you a great relief.

You can apply this exercise, by standing with one foot forward and the toes while you are barefoot. After this, you can step on the ball just between the arch of the foot, but try to keep your body’s weight distributed on the back foot. Now you have to hold this posture and breathe in and out while you transfer the weight to the front foot. After this, you are required to bend the knee slightly and hold for five seconds and then transfer the weight back to the rear foot. You can then repeat this on both the foot for at least five times a day for some regular days.


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Tennis Ball Stretch

tennis ball stretch

You can perform tennis ball stretch while seated. You can place the arch of the foot on the tennis ball and then roll the ball back and then forth with the arch of the foot. After this, you can then simply push the foot onto the ball with the use of your own body’s weight. You can then after this, perform the tennis ball stretch while you stand as the condition improves.



From the above exercises, you can see that how a simple tennis ball can be the best tool for the plantar fasciitis exercises. If you have noticed that you have plantar fasciitis issue, then don’t wait for anything, just try these plantar fasciitis exercises with tennis ball. These are very easy to apply and you have to give maximum half an hour to perform these exercises throughout the day. So, try these and get rid of plantar fasciitis forever.