11 Effective Natural Home Remedies To Treat Foot Arch Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Natural Home Remedies To Treat foot arch pain


This blog completely emphasizes on effective remedies that one should opt for treating the sharp foot Arch pain. You must try all of the below mentioned remedies if you too suffering with such foot arch pain.

 foot arch painFoot Arch Pain

Arch pain is shooting pain that arises in the feet between the toe and the balls. Typically it’s one of the very common foot problem like plantar fasciitis. Basically it’s a term refers to an inflammation or burning sensation at the arch of the foot.


Don’t ignore the foot arch pain because your arch supports the weight of your entire body. Arch pain tends to affect other areas of your feet, ankles, knees, legs and back. It’s a progressive condition that leads to more serious foot aliments like:

  • Heel pain
  • Bunions
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Foot and leg aches
  • Loss of the protective padding on the bottom of your foot.
  • Ball of foot pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Lower Back and hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Shin Splints
  • Stress fractures
  • Hammertoes

What Causes The Arch Of Your Foot To Hurt?

What Causes The Arch Of Your Foot To Hurt?

Some most common causes of foot arch pain are:

  • Wound or trauma in the feet and structural disproportion can directly Plantar fasciitis.
  • Unsupportive shoes or inappropriate footwear
  • Heavy and excessive exercise leads to make sprain in legs.
  • Running on rough surface or harder surface
  • Overweight sometime causes trauma or stress in the foot
  • High arches and flat arches in feet also lead to arch pain.

What Are The Symptoms To Identify The Arch Pain?

Commonly observed sign and symptoms of the arch pain are as follows:

  • Skin abrasion
  • The Severe ache in toes
  • Over tightening and tearing
  • The problem in standing on tiptoes
  • Pain becomes greater when toes are bent
  • Creepy sensation and swelling in toes
  • Sharp pain while walking on the hard surface
  • Shin splints

Natural Home Remedies To Cure Foot Arch Pain

Natural Home Remedies To Cure Foot Arch Pain

If your arch pain is just started or if it is mild, then you must try the home remedies first before approaching for the medical intervention. Following home remedies help in reliving the foot arch pain and can be used in conjunction with other treatments and medical interventions.

1#Roll Away The Pain

Roll Away The Pain

For easy and mini massage that helps your arch to stretch and relax all you need to do is just removing down your shoes and roll each foot over a golf or tennis ball.  Do this continuously for 2 times.

To cool achy foot pains, you just need to roll your feet one at a time over a frozen water bottle.

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2#Plantar Fascia Stretch

Plantar Fascia Stretch

Plantar Fascia Stretch is the most opted and effective home remedies for treating foot arch pain. As this remedy gives instant relive from arch pain.

What To Do:

For this you just need to sit in one comfortable chair. After then put your hands over your feet’s ball and pull the leg towards you. Make sure that your leg is in steady position and let the bottom of the feet stretch completely. Keep on to this position for 60 seconds and repeat this 5 times a day. You will surely get fasten relive from the harsh arch pain.

3#Gentle Massage For Arches Pain Relief

Gentle Massage For Arches Pain Relief

Giving a gentle massage at the arch of your foot is beneficial for good blood circulation and effectively cures the arch pain. Messaging improves the oxygen flow to the damaged tissues and brings nutrients to encourage healing. Massage removes waste product from around the muscle and reduces fluid build-up in the foot.

What to do:

For more effective and instant relief try sesame oil on your feet. You need to take 3 tbsp of sesame oil to 3 drops of clove oil. After then mix everything and apply it on your feet giving a soft massage. Follow this at least 3 times a day.

4#Try Essential Oils

Try  Essential Oils for foot arch pain treatment

If you are looking for the effective natural remedies to relief your arch pain then you must try the essential oil like rosemary oil, peppermint oil, or eucalyptus oil etc. as essential oils are very effective in treating the tiredness, aching, and soreness like problems of the feet. It has high content of stimulant, anti- inflammatory, analgesic as well as antispasmodic properties.

Here are the main 3 ways to use this essential oil for treating foot arch pain.

Method 1: Foot Soak bath


Epsom Salt, Baking Soda: 1 tbsp, Wintergreen oil: 10 drops, Peppermint oil: 10 drops, Marjoram oil: 5 drops, Foot soak tub, Hot water

What To Do:

You need to half fill the tub with some lukewarm water. After then add wintergreen oil, baking soda, marjoram oil, peppermint oil, and Epsom salt to the tub in proportional mentioned above.

Soak your feet for 15 minutes you will instantly feel the relief.

Method 2: Foot Kneading Therapy


Peppermint oil: 10 drops, Helichrysum oil: 10 drops, Vetiver oil: 10 drops, Grapeseed oil: 3 tbsp, Amber glass dropper bottle (4 oz), Birch oil: 10 drops

What To Do:

Mix every ingredient well and keep it in the glass bottle. shake it well before use. Take 5-7 drops in your palms and give massage with this essential oils mixture. For more effective result wear socks after the oil massage and then go to the bed. As the oil warmness helps in healing the pain fast.

5#Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Uncomfortable and ill fitting shoes alleviate the problem more. So you need to make wise and right selection of your foot wears as they are effective to overcome the foot or arch pain

It’s better to carry sport shoes as this promotes relaxation and provides flexibility in walking and running. Right and flexible foot wear reduces the arch pain.

6#Cinnamon Tea


Cinnamon tea helps to heal foot pain naturally.  This assists in reducing severe aches, cracks and injuries in your foot. It works fast to cure swelling, itching feet issue.

What To Do:

For this you need to take 1 glass water in a small container and mix 1 tbsp of cinnamon tea to it.

Boil this mixture for 5 to 10 minutes and enjoy the sips of the cinnamon tea. For faster recovery drink this at least 2 times a day.


For rapid recovery from Plantar Fasciitis or arch pain Asparagus is the most powerful natural ingredient as it is high in natural anti- inflammatory and antiseptic agents which aids burning and creepy sensation. This also works well in stimulating blood flow and circulation.

What to do:

Boil 4-5 asparagus springs in good quantity of water. After then add ½ tbsp spoon of salt in it and consume everyday for better improvement.

Drink this liquid 2-3 times a day.

8#Consume Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Raise your intake of eating anti-inflammatory foods and liquids to get relive faster. Healthy foods abet raise muscles and arch tissues whereas junk and contaminated foods worsen the foot pain.

What to do:

  • Drink beetroot and pomegranate juices 2 times a day to promote good blood circulation.
  • Intake healthy fresh veggies and fruit to reduce sorness in your arch.



If your arch pain is due to some kind of strain, sprain, soreness then “sage” will effectively heal up your foot arch pain and discomfort. It also helps in reducing the foot odor.

What to do:

  • Rub few of the sage leaves in between your hands and then put them in a pot containing less than 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Bring the mixture to get boil after then reduces flame of the gas and let it simmer for 5 minutes.
  • After than turn of the flame and when it cooled down a little soak a cotton cloth in that warm solution.
  • Now keep this cotton cloth on the affected area, this will extract the pain from that area.

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10# Alkaline Diet

alkaline diet

Another very effective way to reduce the arch pain is to eat balanced alkaline diet. Because alkaline food helps in maintaining a proper pH level in the body, which in turn reduces the burning sensation accused in the foot arch. It also reduces the excessive calcium build up which is one of the main causes of heel spurs.

 What to do:

  • Include fruits and veggies to your daily diet.
  • Drink juice of ½ lemons in 1 cup of water to boost up the alkalinity level in your body.
  • Instead of using table slat switch to the pink sea salt which is also called Himalayan sea salt.
  • Drink at least 3-4 cups of green tea every day.
  • Avoid excess eating of dairy products or the things that increase the calcium level.


ice for foot ARCH PAIN RELIEF

Ice is the most opted remedies to lessen the pain, swelling and redness of the feet. Ice give temporary relive from the pain actually it works on the nerves ending where the pain starts. But application of ice for more than 10 minutes can damage the skin, so try it for lesser time period.

What to do:

  • Take 2-3 ice cubes in a cotton cloth and apply it gently over your feet for 5-6 minutes.
  • To this treatment for at least 2 times a day.


All the above mentioned home remedies for foot arch pain is really very effective. And the most interesting about these remedies is that they are not very expensive to try nor have any side effect issue. so try it  and do share your experiences in our comment section.