8 Most Effective Natural Home Remedies To Beat Achilles Tendonitis

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Natural Home Remedies for Achilles Tendonitis

Are you feeling terrible pain and inflammation in back of your ankle? Is it sign of Achilles tendinitis? Don’t have any ideas what is Achilles Tendon Pain is actually or how to cure it?

Well not to worry, just scroll down to this post and get every pinch of information regarding this particular foot problem. So, just Go ahead with your read….!

Have you hurt your Achilles tendon? Is that giving you terrible pain in your calf and restricting your movement? Achilles tendon pain might be a common issue, but can get complicated if ignored.

Achilles Tendinitis:

Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in your body. It starts from the bones of your heel to your calf muscles.  You can feel it easily in your body; well it’s a springy band of tissues at the back of your ankle and above your heel. It helps in pointing your toes towards the floor and rise up on your tiptoes.

Achilles Tendonitis is the term that commonly refers to inflammation of Achilles tendon or its covering.

The injury of the tendon is quiet common. When it get injured you might feel mild or moderate burning pain and stiffness in that particular area of your foot.  If the pain is just intolerable then the chances are also that it is partly torn or ruptured.

What Causes Achilles Tendonitis?

Causes Achilles Tendonitis

The most probable reason of having Achilles tendonitis is an overuse injury in that particular Achilles Tendon area.

Most tendon injuries are also encounters because of the gradual wear and tear to the tendon from overuse or ageing. Though anyone can have this tendon injury. But people who are regular with their motion over and over again in their daily activities ignoring the injury on that particular area are more likely to damage a tendon.

Some most common Causes of Achilles Tendonitis include:

  • Over-training or unaccustomed use – “too much too soon”
  • A sudden change in training surface – e.g. grass to bitumen
  • Flat (overpronated) feet
  • High foot arch with tight Achilles tendon
  • Tight hamstring (back of thigh) and calf muscles
  • Toe walking (or constantly wearing high heels)
  • Poorly supportive footwear
  • Hill running.
  • Poor eccentric strength

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What Are The Symptoms Of Achilles Tendonitis?

symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis

Here are the most common symptoms of this Achilles Tendonitis.

  • You may felt burning, pain, stiffness and loss of strength at that particular area.
  • Pain increases with the regular pressure over the Achilles tendon.
  • You may feel more pain and stiffness during night time or when you get up in the morning.
  • The area may be red, warm, swollen if it contains inflammation.
  • Whenever you use your tendon, you may notice a crunchy sound or feeling over there.

How Long Does Achilles Tendonitis Last?

If you start feeling such inflammation in your tendon or have Achilles tendinitis once, it’s not the end of world. Take some rest and give time to get recover which mostly takes around 4-6 weeks if you waited until the pain was acute. But the problem alleviates more if the Achilles tendinitis becomes more injured.

Natural Remedies For Achilles Tendon Rupture Treatment

Now the point is how you can treat this ailment fast? Well there are numerous ways of excellent home remedies that can treat the pain very effectively! Have look at the most effective home remedies for Achilles Tendon Pain.

Castor Oil


Castor oil is a traditional remedies used for generations as a cure for treating many of the foot problems. As it contains anti-inflammation properties around 90% ricinoleic acid contained in castor oil makes for an ideal relief option for Achilles Tendinitis. Make sure you topically apply this over the affected area.

Ice It

ice for foot ARCH PAIN RELIEF

You can use ice or cold compress for reducing swelling and pain. It relaxes the muscle which ultimately relives the pain too. Wrap some ice cubes in an ice pack and hold it on the Achilles Tendinitis pain area. Let it there for at least 15 minutes and remove it for 15 minutes to avoid damage of skin.

Never apply ice too long or directly over the affected area as it can cause frostbite in just few minutes.

Vitamin E

vitamin e

Vitamin E has such fat soluble ant-oxidant which fights off the free radicals by relieving inflammation and pain. It improves better blood circulation which further reduces swelling and encourages faster healing of the Achilles tendon rupture

For this you can take supplements of vitamin E and eat foods that are rich in vitamin E. like, almonds, kale, spinach, turnip greens, Swiss chard, and hazel nuts.

Alternatively, you can also massage the affected area 2-3 times a day with vitamin E oil.

Resting The Affected Leg:

Resting The Affected Leg:

As, it is mentioned earlier in the blog that main cause of Achilles tendon injuries is the overuse. So, it will be better if you take proper rest and avoid activities which strain the tendon.

 Wear Protective Footwear:

wear comfy shoes

Wear some athletic shoes that give good arch support to your affected foot and well cushion your heel. A good shoe gives a chance for the Achilles tendon to heal faster. In this Silicone heel pads are quiet better option to reduce the pressure on the Achilles tendon.

Musturd Oil


Musturd oil is helps in improving the blood flow in vein around the muscle. Along with that it warmth of mustard oil also very effective in getting relief from burning feet issue which is one the common symptom of Achilles tendon.

 So it is recommended to use mustard oil for massaging your feet to get faster relief from Achilles Tendonitis pain.

Bitter Gourd


Bitter gourd is used as one of the best home remedies for treating inflammation caused by Achilles Tendonitis. Bitter gourd leaves has such healing properties that are best for treating feet burning issue for a long time.

What you need to do:

  • Take some bitter gourd leaves.
  • Grind them with some water in order to make good thick paste of it.
  • After then apply the paste on the burning feet to reduce the symptoms.

You will surely get instant relief from Achilles Tendon burning sensation issue.



Thyme promotes good blood circulation, relaxation of contract vessels and reducing the burning sensation effectively. It’s anti-microbal properties works amazingly for curing Achilles Tendon inflammation and pain.

What you need to do:

  • Take some good quantity of thyme and soak it 2 bowls.
  • Fill a tub with a mixture of some hot or cold water.
  • Next add thyme in each bowl and soak the feet in hot water and then transfer your foot in both water tubs keep for 5 minutes in each.
  • Repeat this treatment everyday to get the best result.

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Some Additional Achilles Tendonitis Preventive Tips:

  • Always try to keep your legs elevated whenever you get free time as it encourages faster healing and reduce swelling of foot.
  • Don’t try do such activities which put stress over the tendon and when your tendon completely cured up, increase your activity level.
  • Wear shoes that give adequate cushioning for your heel.
  • If you are already having problem of Achilles Tendonitis then avoid wearing high heels for long periods of time or even every day.
  • Do your good Achilles Tendonitis exercises to strengthen and lengthen your calf muscles.

Wrap up:

Trying these effective Achilles Tendonitis home treatments will; surely work for effective curing of Achilles tendon pain. So do try it and share your opinion with us in our comment section. You can also discuss any other foot problem too if you have.