13 Most Effective Foot Care Regimen To Pamper Your Tired Feet

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 Foot Care Regimen To Pamper Your Tired Feet

We all always get concerned for face; hair and body shape but very less or almost negligibly care for foot.  We tend to take our feet for granted until they start to look worse for wear. You may be tempted to hide them within closed toes shoes; you may actually be making the problem worse by doing so. Because dry skin can eventually crack and even starts to bleed.  This not only cause pain but also make your feet more prone to get infect.

Give yourself an all-over feeling of well being by improving your foot health with a personalized foot care routine.  Luckily there are such simple home remedies that provide sweet relief your tired feet. Treat your feet well with these easy foot care pampering tips.

Foot Care Regimen For Complete Pampering Of Your Feet:

1#Use Long Stroking Motions:

foot massage

Give a soft and gentle massage to the sole of your foot with both of the thumbs starting behind the toes and towards the heel. Apply extra pressure at the ball of foot and along the arches, two places that are especially prone to tightness.

2#Grip The Foot With Both Hands:

Twist both your hands from side to side just like you wringing a towel. This helps to remove the pain that develop after hours of standing. End the massage by gently pulling and releasing each toe.

3#Bring Down Any Swelling With A Soak:

Soak Your Heels In Green Tea

If your feet are get swelled due to hectic all day long schedule then try soaking therapy for curing swollen feet.

Soak your feet in water mixture of normal water, a dozen ice cubes, 6-8 drops of tea tree oil and rosemary leaves. Submerge each of your foot for 30 sec. after then remove from water then vigorously rub your leg with a towel.

Repeat the same procedure on other foot. This therapy also helps in softening of your foot skin. Certain also exfoliate dead skin cells making your foot smother.

4#Soften Your Feet With A Scrub:

Exfoliating your feet a scrub not only helps your feet to look good but thick callused skin can crack, leads to pain and infections.  As pumice based pastes easily removes scaly skin and leaves a soft feet for longer.

If you prefer scrubs, approach for salt scrub with added oils to keep your feet hydrated. Don’t use callus scrapers and razors that can break the skin and cause infection. Slough them gently; you don’t need to remove the calluses completely as they protect the feet.

5#Stabilize and Relieve Feet With Orthotic Shoes

Wearing right and comfy shoes is very important, as orthotic footwear is a good investment in order to give complete protection and comfort to your foot.  Additionally this helps in reducing pressure on your feet. Even your doctor also recommends these Orthotic Shoes if you have an ulcer or sore that is not healing.

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6#See A Podiatrist Regularly To Treat Foot Problems

Even harmless calluses creates problem if you ignore them for longer time. Be regular with the checkup routine for Podiatrist, who specializes in foot care, instead of heading to the pharmacy for an over the counter product for feet.

 As some products are irritating to your skin and raises the risk of infection even while they treat the bunion, callus or corn on your foot. So it’s better to keep in touch with your Podiatrist for proper Foot Care Regimen.

7#Keep Your Feet Dry to Reduce the Risk of Infection


Drying your feet is a part of hygiene foot care routine. As moist skin leads faster to infection. So prevent this by toweling off thoroughly after washing your feet or after removing wet or sweaty socks/shoes immediately. You can easily prevent dry, cracked skin just avoid putting it between your toes.

8#Don’t Go Barefoot, Whether You’re Inside or Outside

Treat Blisters On HeelsWhether you are inside your home or gone outside or a while always foot light, comfy footwear. As wearing shoes with good coverage protect your feet up to much extent from injuries and other infectious problems.


From the whole day hectic schedule, give time to your foot to get relax by pampering your feet. As your feet too have work just as hard as you…! Start your foot care routine with Exfoliator containing natural pumice or fruit acids to remove dead skin cells and makes your skin soft.

10#Avoid Soaking Feet If Your Skin Is Dry:

Soaking further dehydrates already dry feet, so it’s better to avoid foot soaking therapy if your skin type is dry. So instead of soaking your feet, apply some good quality sugar scrub directly onto the dry skin and wipe it off with a moistened towel.


During the bathing time and right before going to bed at night complete cleaning your feet is very important for proper foot care routine. In rainy days, spray your foot with foot sanitizer to reduce odor and protect against bacteria. Use some natural products on your feet because the ingredients can be absorbed through tiny cuts. So, take care while using such.

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12#Nail care:


Your foot nail suffers a lot of pressure a day long that is why wearing of right and proper size shoe is always recommended for proper foot health. As, frequent pressure from ill-fitting shoes can hurt your nail bed and leads to fungus growth.

As part of foot care routine, use drop of two nail treatment oil on your nails for anti-fungal prevention.

13#Moisturize The Foot Skin With A Cream:


It is found that foot creams are thicker and viscous than body formulas as they are supposed to deliver more moisture. Choose the foot care that contains ingredients like petrolatum, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter, as these ingredients are just too good to pamper your feet.  If thick scaly calluses are persistent problem on your feet then use foot that contains exfoliating lactic acid, which dissolves dry patches while it hydrates. Foot moisturizing lotion which contains urea also breaks down calluses and smooth hardened heels.

But avoid creams which contain toxins like petrochemicals, as it harms your healthy feet.  a simple good habit of applying moisturizer after cleaning your feet  can give your feet rest and reap the benefits of time to heal.

Wrap up:

Try all the aforementioned foot care routine for complete pampering of your tired feet. One who sincerely follows these foot care regime never goes through any kind foot problem.