8 Effective Ways To Cure Piezogenic Pedal Papules …!

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8 Effective Ways To Cure Piezogenic Pedal Papules

Does running hands on your foot feels little swollen pimples within the skin surface? These small Papules under the foot skin actually called “Piezogenic Pedal Papules”. These papules are small bumps which make your foot skin look swollen, causes irritation and pain. As these are not present over the skin of your foot so you can only feel it while touching. Well in their starting period they don’t cause any issue but with the time it starts causing pain. But not worry because these Piezogenic Pedal Papules can be easily cured with the mild treatment.

This complete blog emphasizes on this particular Piezogenic Papules on foot problem. So, just go down to this post and gets complete information regarding it’s causes , treatment, prevention and also it’s related faq’s.

What are Piezogenic Pedal Papules?

Piezogenic pedal papules are the results from herniation of fat. Actually what happens is, that the fat herniates or protrudes all the way through small tears in the fascial lining. These results in the formation of papules or lumps within the skin of the heel area.

Commonly it encounters on medial, posterior or lateral aspects of both heels.  These papules are of size 2mm to 10mm and with the time it starts causing pain.

 They are more visible and painful when patient stands with their full weight on their feet and gets disappear when the weight is removed. This foot condition majorly affects women as compared to men. There is no age bar for this foot problem as it can occur at any age including infants.

What Causes Piezogenic Pedal Papules?

Well there is no specific reason for the herniation of fat that causes this Piezogenic Papules. But there are some factors that could increase the risk of suffering from this specific foot problem.

 These factors are:

  • Obesity
  • Flat feet
  • Collagen disorders such as EDS
  • Jobs which entail standing for long hours
  • Excessive weight bearing
  • Orthopedic problems

This foot condition also affects newborn babies. The diagnosis of this condition is often confused with infantile pedal papules, xanthoma and tophi.

Since, they appear only when pressure is applied. So it is essential for the doctor to physically examine the patients after standing them up. Though this foot condition is not a serious health concern but it can cause pain during walking or sometime results to foot and ankle swelling like issues.

How To Treat Piezogenic Papules On Foot

If the pain caused by the Piezogenic Papules gets uncontrollable then you must try out these treatments. As these will give instant relive from Piezogenic Papules pain.

1#Baking soda and olive oil:

This is quiet effective natural remedy as it uses the two super ingredient baking soda and olive oil.

Cleansing properties of baking soda and nourishing, healing properties of olive oil works great to fight off papules. So, go for this awesome natural foot mask.

 How to use:

  • Take baking soda and olive oil in equal proportion i.e 1-2 tbsp of each.
  • After mixing it well in a bowl. Apply it gentle over the affected skin and leave it for 20 minutes.
  • After then warm your feet with slightly warm water.
  • Try this mask and get gorgeous skin back in no time.

2#Plastic heel cups

Using plastic heel cups are effective for those who are facing slight discomfort in their foot.  These are plastic egg shell shaped device that placed around the heel. This equipment pushes the fat back into the fascial defect and you will easily get relief from Piezogenic Papules sharp pain.

3#Cortisone injections

Taking Cortisone injections helps in shrinking of papules size and makes them less swollen. So it is it is causing too  much swelling of your foot then you can take Cortisone injections after consulting with your doctor.

4#Reduce standing

Those who are overweight or being in an occupation where they have to stand all day long then it will alleviate the problem more. So try to reduce your weight or avoid standing for long continuously.

5#4% denatured alcohol injections– :

Foot specialist recommends recommended injection of 4% denatures alcohol. This is very effective for treating burning components to the pain. As the injections scleroses or deadens the nerves that end at the level of the papules.  It’s the same injection that is used for Morton’s neuroma.

6#Surgical excision

Well it’s very rare treatment for Piezogenic Pedal Papules.  In the surgical excision procedure removal of Piezogenic Papules is done. It is limited to instances where there is nerve tissue embedded in fat that is protruding through fascial defect.

7#Camphor oil:

Camphor oil is the best for fighting off the foot papules issues. This oil is filled with anti-septic properties which works great to rejuvenate your skin while eliminating the skin impairment.

 What You Need To Do:

  • Mix some camphor oil with the lentil powder and mix them well in a bowl.
  • Now apply this paste all over your feet and leave them for 25 minutes.
  • After then wash down your feet with normal water. You will surely feel the comfort.


Vinegar  is quiet effective for treating foot lumps.

What you need to do:

  • Take a bucket of water and add Epsom salt and a little amount of vinegar into it.
  • Now dip a towel in this solution and remove the excess if water from towel by squeezing it well.
  • After then wrap this towel all around your feet.
  • Repeat this 4-5 times. As, this will give instant relief from pain and swelling caused by Piezogenic Pedal Papules.

How To Prevent Piezogenic Pedal Papules Pain?

One can easily prevent the pain and associated problem caused by Piezogenic Pedal Papules just by following these simple prevention tips. So just try it.

  • Heel taping
  • Compression stockings
  • Avoid excessive or prolonged weight bearing
  • Avoid standing for extended periods and try not to run too much
  • Rest the feet and keep them elevated to help alleviate the symptoms
  • Lose weight if you are on the heavier side
  • Electro acupuncture
  • Orthotic soles for shoes which prevents the Piezogenic Pedal Papules Pain and distribute pressure equally.

Wrap up:

Piezogenic pedal papules are benign and don’t causes any serious health concern. But before it starts creating issue for your feet just cure it well with these above mentioned medical treatment, natural remedies, and prevention tips.


How Piezogenic Pedal Papules Gets Formed?
Well the Piezogenic Pedal Papules is get formed when fat herniates or protrudes through small tears in the fascial lining resulting in nodules or lumps that are seen in the heel area.
What’s The Difference Between Papules And Pustules?
Papules and pustules are often confused with each other. But actually they are much different from each other in the kind of facial blemishes is the development of pus. Papules don’t contain any pus and are generally painless whereas the Pustules are filled with pus and are painful. Papules either go on their own or with mild treatment. Whereas, pustules gets turn into more serious lesions called cyst which deeply affect the skin.