How To Treat Hammertoe deformity With Exercise And Surgery treatment?


All-information about Hammer Toe deformity


Are you suffering from Hammertoe deformity problem? You might be facing problem like chronic sustained imbalance between flexion and extension force of the lesser toes from intrinsic forces, extrinsic forces, or both.

If yes, then this blog is specifically for you as this contain every pinch of information regarding Hammertoe deformity and its treatment options.

What Are Hammertoes?

Hammertoe usually occurs from muscle and ligament imbalance around toe joint which causes the middle joint of toe to bend and get stuck in this position. Most of the user complains for hammertoes as rubbing and irritation on the top of the bent toe.

Toes get curls rather than buckle. Likely three toes are getting affected. Women are more likely to get pain associated with hammertoes than men.

Hammertoes are quiet serious issue that people with diabetes or poor circulation because they have risk for infections and foot ulcers.

Custom orthopedic shoes prevent complications. People having these conditions should see doctor at the first sign of foot trouble.

What Are The Types Of Hammertoes?

There are two types of hammertoes:

  • Flexible hammertoes:

If toe get shifted at the joint then it’s a flexible hammertoe. It’s god because it’s just a starting from of the problem. And you can approach for many treatment options.

  • Rigid hammertoes:

Rigid hammertoes occurs when tendons in the toe become rigid, this presses the out of alignment. At this stage, toe can’t be removed. To correct this you need surgery procedure.

What Causes Hammertoes?

Toe muscles works in pair, when toe muscles get imbalance, hammertoes get formed. Muscle imbalance exerts lot more pressure on toe’s tendons and joints. This leads the toe to get the shape of hammerhead.

Here are the causes of hammer toe include the following:

  • Certain shoes

Wearing high heel forces toes into a flexed position. When worn repeatedly, the toes may not be able to straighten, even when barefoot.

  • Sex

Women are likely to develop hammertoe than men.

  • Injuries

Sometime when toe is broken, stubbed or jammed, this also causes hammertoe.

  • Age– this problem also comes with age growth.
  • Toe length

If second toe is much longer than big toe, hammertoe is commonly to occur.

  • Certain diseases

Those who all are suffering from condition like arthritis or diabetes are having more chances of foot problems.

  • Genetics

Hammertoes are hereditary and run in families.

What Are The Symptoms To Identify Hammertoe?

Symptoms of hammertoe are clearly visible, with toe curling like a hammer.

In this case affected toe will get bent, like a hammer.

Other symptoms of hammer toe include:

  • You will feel pain in affected toe, especially when moving it or wearing shoes.
  • Cornsand calluses on top of the middle joint of the hammer toe.
  • Swelling, redness, or a burning sensation.
  • Facing difficulty to straighten the toe.
  • Sometime open sores also gets develop on the toe.

What Surgery Options Available For Hammertoes Treatment?

If the hammer toe cannot be moved, a doctor may recommend surgery for the toe. Surgery mainly aims in repositioning of the toe, removing deformed or injured bones and realign tendons. Hammertoe surgery is carried out as an outpatient, so individual can easily go to their home on the same day.

Possible surgical procedures include:

  • Arthroplasty

In this procedure, half of the joint under crooked part of the toe is removed to help toes straighten.

  • Arthrodesis–
  • This surgery procedure is much similar like the above one, but the entire joint is removed and wire or pin is get inserted to help healing.
  • Tendon transfer

In tendon transfer hammertoe surgical procedure tendons from under the toe are routed above the toe to aid straightening. This is done in conjunction with other surgical interventions.

  • Basal phalangectomy

This procedure is for individual having the severe stuffiness. In this the base of bone underneath the toe is removed.

  • Weil osteotomy

With this surgical procedure Metatarsal bone is get shortened and surgical hardware is inserted to aid healing.

How To Treat Hammer Toe With Exercises?

Toe Crunch

Crunch is an abs exercise, but there is another type of crunch that can be done to work the toes. To perform this, you need to sit comfortably on a chair without wearing any socks in the affected foot. Keep a towel on the floor and put the upper half of your foot on it.

Put your heels down on the ground and try to crunch the towel with your toes. Release them and repeat them after 10-12 times.


This exercise is also similar like toe crunches. Do this exercise with bare foot, just extend your big toe down toward the floor and meanwhile this extend your remain toes up in the air. Hold onto this position and slowly hit the floor with your toes. Repeat this exercise up to 10-12 times and then reverse your toe position. So, that your big toe is pointing upward and your toes are pointing downward.

Manual Stretch

In this hammertoe exercise stretch your toes with the use of towel for stretching of the muscles. You need to sit on the floor placing your legs straight and out in front. Wrap a towel under toes and gently put some backward pressure and hold for this position in 20-30 sec. also use your hands to stretch the toes back.

Toe Rolls

To perform this exercise just taps your finger from side to side on a table. After then stand barefoot on some flat surface. Then try to lift all your toes from the ground together, and then roll them down at one time from little toe to the big toe. Repeat this exercise 10-12 times and then change directions.

How To Prevent Hammer Toe Occurrence?

Hammer toe can be easily prevented just by following some prevention tips.

  • Low heels

Higher heel force the feet bend the toes into the unnatural position. So avoid wearing high heels and switch to some low heel footwear.

  • Enough toe room

Size of the shoe must not be too much fitting or pointy in shape. Wear some good size comfortable shoes.

  • Adjustability

Wear those types of shoes which have adjustable laces and straps.

  • Proper arch support

Arch support prevents number of foot ailments. For this you need to put some good quality insoles within your shoes.

Wrap Up:

After knowing everything about the hammertoe, it’s your responsibility to treat it within time otherwise the problem alleviates more. At that time no other option left other than the surgery.