11 Fast Healing Home Remedies For Diabetic Foot Ulcer

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home remedies for DIabetic foot ulcer

Summary: Suffering with Diabetes Foot Ulcer and not getting any perfect way to cure it well? No need to worry as this tutorial help you out in doing so. Just take a glance at the remedies section to get complete knowledge regarding treatment of diabetic foot ulcer.

 What is diabetic foot ulcer?

Diabetic foot ulcers are like sores on the feet that is common in around 15% of patients sometime during their lifetime. And rest of the 84% diabetes sufferer encounters lower-leg amputations like issues.

What Causes Ulcers In Diabetic Foot?

causes of diabetic foot ulcer

Diabetic foot ulcer is caused by neuropathic (nerve) and vascular (blood vessel) complications of diabetes.

Nerve damage due to diabetes causes altered or complete loss sensation in the foot and/or leg. This is known as peripheral neuropathy. The loss of protective sensation hinders the sufferer from being warned that the skin is being injured and results in ulcer, blisters or skin loss type of issues.

Whereas vascular disease puts affect on the every blood vessels transporting the blood to the skin. Lack of healthy blood flow leads to form ulcer.

Effective Home Remedies For Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment:

Remedy 1#Wash, Clean And Dry Properly

Do you know you can prevent diabetic foot ulcer stage just be maintaining cleanness. It is seen most of the people skip proper washing of the feet which spread the infection more.  Don’t forget to clean toes as toes cleaning reduce the chances of infection up to much extent.

Your feet remain confined in closed shoes for long time and the moisture and sweat raises the chances of bacterial attack on your feet. In such cases if you don’t wash down your feet daily then it will surely cause stinky odor and other foot skin problems, like pitted foot skin.

Remedy 2#Use Moisturizer on feet

Use Moisturizer on feet

Don’t let your feet gets dry otherwise the foot ulcer affected skin gets stretched more starts bleeding. This doesn’t mean that put your feet underwater all day long. It means keep your feet moisturized with proper use of moisturizer. Apart from that you can also use Cocoa shea butter cream as it is very effective in curing dry foot skin problem. As, it is rich in antioxidants, and Vitamin E. Antioxidants which makes skin moisturized by reducing the production of free radicals that damage skin cells.

Remedy 3#Psyllium

Psyllium for diabetic foot ulcer treatment

Black Psyllium is quiet effective natural ingredient to cure diabetic wound faster as it helps to regulate insulin and glucose levels. You can also lower the chances of developing diabetic foot conditions by making use of this particular herb.

Remedy 4#American Ginseng

American Ginseng is a perfect herbal remedy of treating diabetic foot ulcer as works great for regulation of blood sugar level. It improves the health of immune system and prevents infection like diabetic foot infection.

Remedy 5#Keep Walking

Foot muscle needs daily exercise to remain active for longer period which is quiet important for faster foot ulcer treatment. Daily walking habit helps in keeping your ligaments and tendon flexible. Diabetes damages the nerves of the feet which reduce the ability to feel pain and discomfort. And also causes blood circulation problem. Regular walking ultimately helps in improving the blood circulation and faster recovery of sensation in the feet nerves.

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Remedy 6#Rhubarb Root

It is quiet uncommon used herb for treating foot ulcer. As Rhubarb root contains such compound called emodin, which is quiet incredible in antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

If Rhubarb Root is applied topically over the area of the foot ulcer, it quickly neutralizes the infection and decreases the size of ulcer.

Remedy 7#Astragalus


Astragalus is well-known diabetic foot ulcer medicine that works mainly on the suppression of spreading foot infection. This helps the diabetic sufferer to overcome the micro-vascular circulation issues, which ultimately eliminate underlying infection which causes ulcer.

Remedy 8#Coconut Oil

coconut oil for diabetic foot ulcer treatment

Coconut oil exhibits such anti-bacterial properties because of the presence of fatty acid in it. So, it works superb for treating leg ulcer and its associated symptoms.

  • Take 1-2 tbsp of virgin coconut oil in your palm.
  • Apply it gently on to the area of foot ulcer.
  • Repeat this 2-3 times a day for speedy recovery.

Remedy 9#Wear Correct Fitting Shoes

For any diabetic patient foot care regime include right selection of shoes. You can also wear diabetic socks that fit loosely and change it regularly. Don’t wear ill fitting shoes otherwise it will alleviate your problem by causing blisters or sore on the feet. A good fitting shoe not only improves your ulcer condition but also reduces pressure on the feet.

Remedy 10#Honey

HONEY for diabetic foot ulcer treatment

Honey is commonly used for treating diabetic wound and hence it is best home remedy to treat foot ulcer. Its anti-bacterial properties help in faster healing of the swelled leg and reduce the pain caused due to it. Honey’s anti-bacterial properties inhibit the further infection of the ulcer.

  • The honey that is to be used for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer you need to use 100% organic honey.
  • Take some organic honey on your fingertip and apply it gently on the ulcer.
  • Wash it off after 10-15 minutes and repeat this remedy for 2-3 days.

Remedy 11#Green Tea:

green tea

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that aid healing. If your ulcer is spread so much then you can speed up the healing by using green tea.

  • You just need to soak your feet in warm water to help it in softening and draining out the fluid collected inside it.
  • Or brew 3 tea green tea bags in some boiling water then toss in 1 tbsp of baking soda. Allow the solution to get cooled down then soak your feet in it.

Wrap Up:

All the aforementioned home remedies for treating diabetic foot ulcer are very much effective. So, try it if you are dealing harshly with this issue. but if case your foot ulcer condition is reached to extreme level then don’t waste your time and rush for the immediate treatment.