7 Must Followed Tips To Prevent Bunions From Getting Worse


prevent bunions from getting worse

Have you noticed that you have bunions on your feet? Do you want your bunion to don’t get worse? Well, if it is so then you should definitely try these prevention tips that will help you a lot to prevent bunions from getting worse. But before that let me ask you whether you know what bunion is or you just examine the shape of your feet and identified that it is a bunion. So, to make it clear you need to read this complete blog.

A bunion is an ugly problem, also named as hallux valgus. It is a bony bump occurs at the joint if the big toe. Bunions are generally formed when the tissue or bone at the big toe joint moves out of the place that forces the toe to bend inward. This activity can also cause a bulge in order to develop on the bone of your foot. It can be very painful if it is left untreated. They are generally developed when the abnormal amounts of pressure and motion are exerted on the tendons and joints of the foot.

But if you want to look for how to prevent bunions from getting worse then you have exactly come to the right place. So, in the below section, know how you can prevent bunions from getting worse by following some easy to follow tips.


How To Prevent Bunions From Getting Worse

This is one of the big and the most complicated questions for those who suffer from bunion issue. But, when you have come to the right place then this question seems to become so easy because the perfect answer is available here. Yes, you can now easily prevent bunions from getting worse only if you follow these below mentioned useful and effective tips. After looking for several tips, these are recommended to be the best preventions that can be taken if you have bunions and don’t want it to become worse.


Tip#1: Always Wear Lower Heels

Wear Lower Heels

You can prevent bunions from getting worse by wearing lower heels. Try to swap your four-inch heels for less than two-inch heels. Also, you should try to opt for a chunky or wedge heel over stilettos. It will give you more support and prevent bunions from getting worse. Also, try to choose a round-toe pump over a pointy-toe shoe. It will give your toe a more comfort.

Tip #2: Visit Your Podiatrist

visit your podiatrist

If you have mild signs of bunions before you feel any kind of discomfort due to this then you should soon visit your podiatrist. All foot problems can be easily identified and prevented before the age of six. So, if you are a parent then you should take your child to the podiatrist for a checkup if you have bunions in your family. It is possible that if a parent has bunion then a child can also suffer from the same issue as this is heredity. During the initial visit to podiatrist, the podiatrist will take some X-rays of your feet to identify if there has been any shift in the toes of your child. If it is identified then he will suggest some treatments to get rid of it.

Tip #3: Buy Custom Orthotics


Sometimes both the feet are not identical. So, if you buy custom orthotics for bunion prevention from getting worse. If you have custom orthotics then it can fit in every pair of shoes you own which also includes golf shoes, sneakers, flats and low heels. Always try to bring Orthotics with you when you try on new shoes so that you can make sure that they fit your shoes.

Tip #4: Try Some Foot Exercises

foot exercises

Do you know that running is the worst bunion exercises for feet as well as hip joints? If you are a runner then you should definitely alternate running days a low-impact sport such as swimming, yoga, biking pilates or speed walking. Always try to wear orthotics while running. You can try these below exercises to prevent bunions from getting worse:

  • Flex: Try to point your toes just straight ahead for about 5 seconds. Now curl your toes under for not more than 5 seconds and repeat this 10 times a day.
  • Stretch: For this exercise, you can pull your big toe into proper alignment and hold for about 10 seconds with the use of your fingers. You can repeat this 4 times a day for better results.
  • Massage: You can also massage your feet by placing a tennis ball under your foot and then roll it around the foot for about 5 to 10 minutes for good results.
  • Strengthen: You can squeeze a tennis ball between the ankles while standing. Now raise up on the tennis ball of your feet while keeping the ankles level. After this, lower yourself slowly back to the floor. You can repeat this 10 times a day.

Tip #5: Commute in Comfy Shoes

Commute in Comfy Shoes


If you walk in heels then stop wearing heels and try to select comfy shoes for walking while buying. You can commute in cute sneakers and change into the heels at the office. If you have a desk job and just have to walk to get a coffee or use the printer then wearing heels in the office is not going to worsen your bunion situation. So, if you commute in comfy shoes then you can prevent bunions from getting worse.


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Tip #6: Minimize The Pain

foot pain

Having bunions causes pain while wearing shoes. So, if you have bunions then you can apply bunion cushions before slipping into the shoes in order to get relief from pressure and friction. However, in the evening, you can apply an ice pack so that it can reduce the pain and inflammation. Once the bunion becomes very painful to bear then unsightly or prevents from wearing shoes you love and ask your podiatrist about minimal incision bunion surgery.

Tip #7: Wear High-Quality Toe Separators

Toe Separators

Toe separators are generally silicone spacers or rings that fit over your big or second toe or sit in the gap between the toes in order to prevent bunions. These separators realign the toe joint when you wear them. Such realignment can prevent bunions from getting worse and provide you relief and comfort during the day. Bunion pads only used to prevent irritation on the bunions but toe separators work to re-align the big toe and correct the position of the foot. It also helps in relieving pain and repair damaged effects of poor alignment.


Bunion irritates you a lot if it happens once in a life. There is a lot you can do to get rid of bunions on feet but you can also prevent it from getting worse by following some must applied tips. You can also try some non-surgical ways to treat bunions. If you have bunions on foot and want to get rid of it or don’t want bunions to get worse then you can apply these above-mentioned prevention tips. These are so effective that you can easily prevent bunions from getting worse.