5 Effective & Easy To Apply Exercises To Get Rid of Bunions on Toes


exercises for bunions

Having bunions on toe is a common issue. It can easily develop into a painful deformity if you left it unchecked. As per the medical science, it is a progressive disorder and it cites hereditary factors as the major cause. The bunions generally become a big issue when it becomes sore and inflamed due to the pressure you put on it. However, these are developed from a zigzag of the bones at the ball of the big toe. It causes irritation and even calcification at the end of the foot. But, do you know that whatever the reason for a bunion is, you can try some exercises for bunions. So, here, in this blog, you will get to know about some common and most effective exercises for bunions.

Most Effective Exercises For Bunions

Look at these exercises and try them if you want to treat bunions at home effectively. These are very easy to apply and there is no need to spend a lot of time to try these exercises. Go through the exercises one by one and try them so that you can heal bunions on toe fast and easily.

Exercise #1: Toe Touches


This exercise is very easy to try at home. You can start this exercise with a standing position. You need to curl all of your toes up off the floor, most probably towards the ceiling. Also, you need to keep the others raised and then touch the little toe to the floor. Now raise the toe back to the other toe’s level. It would be better if you try this ten times a day.

Or, you can also try its advanced method, while standing, try to curl your toes off the floor and the hold the tree middle toes just in the air and then lower your little and big simultaneously to the flood and then return them in unison.

Both these exercises will help you strengthen a number of muscles in your feet and then work to correct the muscular imbalances that promote bunions.

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Exercise #2: Toe Grabs


In order to perform this exercise, you need to first place a napkin or small facecloth flat on the ground just by the bare foot. Now you need to practice the cloth up with your foot and then curl your toes to grip it. After this, you have to grasp the cloth just near the center and then lift your ankle towards the skin. Now you have to hold for a second then return the cloth to its beginning position. You can perform this for about 10 to 20 times a day. Also, you can place household objects or light weights on the opposite end of the towel from the foot to increase the resistance.

Doing this exercise for some regular days will help you strengthen the tibialis anterior muscle that run from the base of the big toe via the foot’s arch and also correct any muscular imbalances that promote growth of the bunions on toe.

Exercise #3: The Marble Drop


The marble drop exercise is quite similar to the above, toe grabs exercise. To perform this exercise, you will require just 10 marbles or even small stones and a bowl. Now you can spread the marbles out by the bare feet. After this, you need to pick all the marbles up one after another with the use of your toes and then drop them into the bowl. After you complete the one set, you need to empty the bowl and then repeat it again and again. This bunion exercise is very helpful to strengthen the tibialis anterior muscle.

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Exercise #4: Toe Stretch and Resist


Well, stretching and manipulating the toes is quite invaluable to combat the mobility issue and help to return the toes to proper alignment. You can start this exercise by using the fingers to gently pull the big toe into the proper position. After this, you can hold the toe in this position for about 10 to 15 seconds and then release the toe. If you repeat this stretch for about five times, then it would be quite better for you. After this, you have to grab your toes with the hand in order to hold the foot in one place. Now you can use your hand in order to rotate the toe in a circle. Try to do this repetition for 15 to 25 times one way and 15 to 25 times the other way. After this, just move your toe in a figure 8 pattern for about 15 times one way and 15 times just the opposite way.

Now as the muscles have been loosened that are pulling the toes out of alignment, you need to strengthen the toes for the imbalances that actually drew out of position to start with. Now you can sit on floor with your legs just straight out in from of you and then wrap a towel around the big toe. After this, you have to pull the strings in towards the body while pushing against the string with the big toe simultaneously. But remember that you should not try this exercise so much force so that it hurts.

Exercise #5: Toe Flex and Contract


This is the easiest exercise you can try to treat bunions at home. To try this bunion exercise, you have to sit in a chair or pop your foot up on the table or another object. You can start this by curling the toes in and then hold the position for just three seconds. But be very sure that you really squeeze the muscles in your toes. After this, you have to relax and then stretch the toes out as high and far as you can for three seconds. You can repeat this exercise each motion five times.


If you have bunions then you can try all these exercises to get rid of this issue. All these exercises offer you the best opportunity to get rid of bunions on toe. Sometimes, the bunions may become quite painful and so these you can also try these exercises for bunion pain. These exercises are very easy to apply and effective as well to treat bunions on toes. Apart from the exercises, there are some non-surgical ways to treat bunions that can be very helpful.