9 Sure-Fire Ways To Prevent & Treat Blisters On Heels


9 Sure-Fire Ways To Prevent & Treat Blisters On Heels

Looking for the effective ways to prevent off the occurrence of blisters on heel? If yes, then you are at the right place as our today’s topic is just to help you in knowing what preventive measure you should take to avoid blisters on heels and if you have such already then how to cure it well. So, let’s get started.

What Causes Blisters On The Back Of Your Feet?

What Causes Blisters On The Back Of Your Feet?

  • The most frequent reason to have blisters on heel is friction.
  • Walking or standing for several hours puts great pressure on heels, soles and toes and this also leads to have blisters on heels.
  • Poorly fitted shoes results to the formation of fluid-filled bubbles called ‘blisters’. As shoes that fit too tightly or too loosely can rub against the skin and risks to such foot problems.
  • Presence of excessive moisture or perspiration can also trigger these skin bubbles or ‘blisters’. This is quiet common in summer time among athletes
  • Excessive sweat secretion on feet also leads to have to blisters on heels. Due to excessive sweating feet tiny blisters form when sweat clogs down the skin pores of the feet.
  • Sometime feet blisters also develop after sunburn.

Other possible cause to have blisters on feet, include:

  • fungal infections
  • frostbite
  • herpes
  • allergic reaction
  • chemical exposure (cosmetics or detergents)
  • chickenpox
  • bacterial infection
  • dyshidrotic eczema


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Is It Better To Pop A Blister Or Leave It?

Most of the blisters don’t require medical treatment and get easily cured in few weeks. So, don’t puncture a blister unless it is large, painful or likely to be further itchy. The fluid filled blister keeps the underlying skin clean, which prevents infection and promotes healing.

But if in case the problem is severe and you need to pop it then follow these follow mentioned steps carefully.

  • Make use of sterilized needle (to sterilize the needle, put the point or edge in a flame until it is red hot, or rinse it in alcohol).
  • Wash down your hands and the affected area thoroughly. Then make a small hole by piercing the sterilized needle into the blister. And let the fluid drain out on its own from the blister.
  • If the fluid that is coming out from it is white or yellow in color, then the blister is infected one and you need a medical attention.
  • Don’t remove the skin which is left over after the blister’s fluid disposal. As the new skin underneath needs this protective layer, so leave that saggy skin.
  • After clean the whole area with some antiseptic and then apply the antibiotic ointment or cream over it.

Ways To Prevent And Treat Blisters On Heels

Ways To Prevent And Treat Blisters On Heels

Tent It To Protect It

If you have blisters already on your feet then try the bandage. As bandage helps in reduction of friction and protect your blisters from irritating contact. But you need to apply the bandage after precaution otherwise this will raise your problem more.

What you need to is, make a mini “tent” by applying the sticky ends of the bandage closer together. Now place the middle padded part rising slightly over your blister.  As this allows the blisters to get air also and promote faster healing without getting rubbed.

Soak Your Heels In Green Tea

Soak Your Heels In Green Tea

Everyone knows that green tea is high in anti-inflammatory properties but do you this property of green tea makes it perfect aid for healing.

 How to use:

Firstly you need to dip tea bags of green tea in boiling water and then add 1 tbsp of baking soda to it. When the mixture gets perfectly boiled then turns off the flame of gas and let it cool, when it get slightly warm then soak your blisters in it.

 If your blister has not popped up, then you can speed up the healing process by soaking it in slightly warm green tea. As this therapy softens the blisters and drain the inside fluid.

Prevent Blisters With Deodorant

As it is discussed above that blisters are worsened by moisture and friction., so keep your feets bone dry to prevent the blisters formation. Apply some gel around the side before slipping on new pair of shoes. In this deodorant works as a perfect lubricant to reduce harsh rubbing of feet with the shoes.

What to do:

Apply some deodorant gel on your feet before wearing socks or shoes. And be sure that your feets are clean.

Dab On Apple Cider Vinegar

You must also try the apple cider vinegar which has well known for its antibacterial properties. So it’s the perfect natural remedy to prevent popped blisters from getting infected.

If the application of apple cider vinegar is too painful, then try the cleaning of the affected area with hydrogen peroxide and covering it with an antibacterial ointment.

Pop Vitamin E

Vitamin e is too good in skin- repairing properties. As it works effectively in treating the skin cells and also prevents to have scars of blisters after popping. You can buy either vitamin E oil or creams from market. Alternatively you can apply the liquid contained in a vitamin E pills directly on the affected blisters area.

Dab on Witch Hazel


Witch Hazel contains such astringent named ‘tannins’ which works great in drying out your blisters. It is found that witch hazel in quiert effective in healing the herpes virus and also in reducing the inflammation caused by blisters.

 Apply it gently without rubbing it on the blisters using cotton ball and leave it over night. Wash it down in the morning. Continue with this until the skin fully healed.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel


Aloe vera gel is best known for its treatment of stings, burns and bites. In essence, blister is also type of burn.

Aloe Vera cures the redness and swelling of blisters. You can either apply fresh aloe Vera gel or can apply the aloe Vera gel available in market.


  • Either buys the readymade aloe vera gel and apply it on the blisters 2 or 3 times a day.
  • Or break off one leaf of aloe vera from the plant if you have at your home.
  • Now split the shoot lengthwise, and divide it in thinner dimension.
  • After then rub the gel from the shoot on your affected area of blister.


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Apply Castor Oil


Even castor oil is also one of the popular remedy for treating blisters on heels. To use this, mix some Castor oil and Apple Cider Vinegar together and apply it with cotton ball on the affected area. Better if you apply it overnight before going to bed.

Let It Breathe

Treat Blisters On Heels

Many Doctors recommends that blisters heal fast if it left uncovered in a clean environment. So try to keep it open when you are at home so that your blister will get a chance to breath and dry up fast. To protect it from infection, apply thin layer of antibacterial ointment to promote faster healing.


Nobody loves to have blister on their feet but if you have such; then with the right remedies and guidance you can cure it faster.

So, make use of the quick remedies mentioned above to ease the discomfort and itching. If you have other surefire remedies to treat or prevent blisters on heels then don’t feel hesitate to share with us in our comment section.