Interdigital Blisters: Causes, Treatments, Preventions & More


Interdigital Blisters

Interdigital Blisters  blisters between toes

Sometimes it happens that blister occurs between the toes while running or walking. Blisters are a small bump in the upper layer of the skin. They used to contain fluid and appear as yellow or red color of then contain pus or blood. These blisters lead you to face irritation, sometimes, even when you stop running while they heal.

Generally, blisters are formed when your skin becomes damaged. They are more likely to develop from a very short term of intense friction or long term of less intense friction. Sometimes, this may also cause calluses or corns. But, there are several reasons that actually cause blisters between your toes. If you are much interested to know then look below.


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Causes of Interdigital Blisters (Blisters Between Toes)


As I said before that there are several reasons that cause blisters between the toes or interdigital blisters. It may be very uncomfortable for you while you have blisters between your toes but it does not cause any permanent damage. So, it is very important to know what causes interdigital blisters so that you can treat it well as soon as possible. So, look at the below causes of interdigital blisters:


Cause#1: Fungal Infection

A fungal infection such as athlete’s foot can sometimes cause interdigital blisters or blisters between toes. Because of athlete’s foot, your skin becomes red, blistered or cracked skin. If you experience stinging or burning sensation around the toes then it may be a great sign of having athlete’s foot.


Cause #2: Allergies

Sometimes blisters may also form as a result of having any kind of allergic reactions to an insect bite. If you are allergic to polyester then also you may have blisters between toes if you wear polyester socks.


Cause #3: Excessive Sweating

If your skin is sweaty and hot then moisture can get trapped in between the toes. It makes a breeding ground for the blisters to occur. Generally, athletes used to suffer from blisters that cause excessive sweating and so do people who wear shoes for a long period of time.


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Cause #4: Shoes

If you wear ill-fitting shoes then it causes blisters. Wearing tight shoes especially in the toe area will encourage your toes to rub against each other and create great friction and it causes blisters. Having itchy blisters between the toes is a great sign that indicates that your shoes are very tight.


Some other causes of having interdigital blisters are as follows:
  • Moist and warm skin is more likely to causes blisters between toes
  • Too much exposure to UV light and hot temperature can cause sunburn and result then it may cause interdigital blisters
  • Sometimes, chemical exposure from detergents, cosmetics or solvents
  • Frostbite and cold temperatures can also damage skin and results in blisters between toes

You may have interdigital blisters due to the any of the above-mentioned causes. These may cause blisters between toes and so if you notice of the above-mentioned causes then try to treat it well as soon as possible to avoid having blisters between toes. However, if you have interdigital blisters, then you can follow the below-mentioned treatments to cure interdigital blisters.


How To Treat Interdigital Blisters (Blisters Between Toes)


There are some treatments or you can say products that can be very helpful to cure interdigital blisters. If you have this feet issue and want to stop this issue from becoming it severely. So, look at these treatments one by one and get rid of interdigital blisters as soon as possible.


Treatment #1: Silicone Gel Toe Sleeve

Silicone Get Toe Sleeve

Silicone gel toe sleeve is just like a little sock for an individual toe. It comes either closed or open at one end. It has gel all around and provides 360-degree protection. This sleeve is most likely to stay in place as they are elasticised. This silicone gel material is the same so they absorb a lot of blisters that cause shear. This can be very effective for pinch blisters as they used to encapsulate and hold the soft tissue component of the toe together.


Treatment #2: Foam Or Gel Wedges

Foam Or Gel Wedges

Foam or gel wedges used to keep the toes separated physically and cushion bony prominences. The silicone gel material used to absorb shear through its low shear modulus. Interdigital wedges are the most comfortable as the material it is made of, is very soft. However, they can sometimes dislodge and move around, as apart from the toes sitting close together and there is nothing that holds them in place.


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Treatment #3: Lubricants

lubricants for blisters

Do you know that lubricants reduce friction? However, it has been shown that after a while, lubricants can increase the friction above the baseline measures. That is why applying it twice is recommended because if you do not reapply it then you will more likely to get blisters. Lubricants actually lock sweat within the skin and it increases the maceration which is a common issue that occurs between the toes.


Treatment #4: Taping


Dressing or tapes can be used to encapsulate the soft tissue, reposition a toe or to protect the skin from rubbing. Tape stretches used to come loose over time and so it requires to reapply the tape depending on the activity as sweat is a constant threat to adhesion. For those who suffer from blisters between toes, often the fleshy underside of the toe. This is generally misshapen to the point where the shape is triangular. Something that can hold this soft tissue in a less triangular, it means that there is less toe the next toe can tread on and the less blisters.


How To Prevent Interdigital Blisters


There are some tips you can follow to prevent interdigital blisters or blisters between toes. So, look at the below prevention tips for interdigital blisters to avoid having this foot issue in future:


Tip #1: Socks For Toes


Toe socks are very helpful for extra cushion between toes. These socks are generally designed with individual socks for each toe. These used to help prevent against interdigital blisters or blisters between toes. If you choose toe socks then make sure that your shoes have enough room inside so that it cannot create more pressure.


Tip #2: Trim Your Toenails


It is quite vital to take proper care of your toenails and to keep them short and clean, especially before you go for hiking or running. The toenails should just come to the tip of the toe but not more than that. It should also cut just straight across. It will help you avoid pressure from shoes while walking or running.


Tip #3: Good Skin Care


If you use a callus file along with any skin softening creams then it can help you with problematic hard areas. Some creams used to help with fissures and cracks that are quite often found on the heels. If a blister develops beneath a callus then it can be very difficult to drain.


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Tip #4: Let Your Feet Breathe


If you are running or hiking or even go out for a long stroll then it is very important to let your feet air out to dry. If you dry your sweaty feet then it will prevent your feet from fungal infection. Also, you can reduce the foot’s swelling by elevating them on your break.




Interdigital blisters or blisters between toes can be very painful for you. They are much common in people but are uncomfortable while walking or running. However, you can know more about the interdigital blisters from the above section of this blog. Also, it is important to know the causes, treatments and preventions for interdigital blisters or blisters between toes. The treatment mentioned above are so helpful that you should definitely try them.