How To Cure Severe Athlete’s Foot Instantly With Effective Treatments

Athlete's Foot

cure severe athletes foot

Have you noticed that you have got some abnormal foot issue? Is it looks like athlete’s foot? Do you want to know what cause athlete’s foot and what to do if it becomes severe? Want to know how to cure severe athlete’s foot? Well, if these are the questions that comes to your mind then do not worry because here you will get to know how to cure severe athlete’s foot with the help of different treatments. But before that, let us first have a look at some information regarding athlete’s foot.

athletesfootAthlete’s foot is also known as tinea pedis. It is a skin condition where the fungus enters the layers of the skin on the foot’s sole. It generally causes peeling and scaling in between the toes and the sole of the foot. If you left athlete’s foot untreated then this foot condition can develop into a secondary bacterial fungus. This generally causes painful cracking, foul odor as well as severe itching in the toes area. It may cause athlete’s foot severe and so it becomes very important to cure severe athlete’s foot.

However, if you have weakened immune system or diabetes and suspect that you have athlete’s foot then you should call your podiatrist right away. Though there are some other causes of athlete’s foot as well, know them in the below section of this blog.


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Look What Actually Causes Athlete’s Foot


Do you have any idea what causes athlete’s foot? No…??  Don’t worry, look here – athlete’s foot takes place when the tinea fungus develops on the feet. You can get in touch with this fungus via direct contact with an infected person or also by touching surfaces that are contaminated with the fungus.

This kind of fungus generally grows in the moist and warm environment. It is generally found in locker rooms, showers, swimming pools, etc. Now, let’s have a look at some signs and symptoms of athlete’s foot that let you know that you have athlete’s foot.


Common Signs That Help You Identify Athlete’s Foot


There are some possible signs that help you know that you have athlete’s foot. If you are interested enough to know what are they then look below:

  • Blisters on the toe or feet that itch a lot
  • Burning, stinging, itching between the toes
  • Raw skin on the feet
  • Peeling and cracking skin on the feet
  • Toenails that pull away from the toenail bed
  • Thick, crumbly and discolored toenails
  • Dry skin on the edges of the feet

If you notice any of the above issues then it is possible that you have athlete’s foot. So, try to treat it as soon as possible before it becomes severe. But, do you know that who is a great risk for athlete’s foot? Well, if not, then look below section of this blog.


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People Who Are At Risk For Athlete’s Foot


 Well, there are several reasons for what many people are at risk of having athlete’s foot. Any people can get this foot issue but there are some behaviors that increase your risk. Some factors that actually increase the risk of getting athlete’s foot are as follows: athletes foot

  • Visiting places barefoot like showers, locker rooms and swimming pools
  • Sharing shoes, socks or towels with an infected person
  • Keeping wet feet for a long time
  • Having nail or skin injury on the foot
  • Wearing closed-toe, tight-fitting shoes
  • Having sweaty feet

People who are used to do these are most likely to have athlete’s foot. So, try to avoid these things and keep yourself away from having athlete’s foot.


How To Cure Severe Athlete’s Foot

How To Cure Severe Athletes Foot

There are some non-prescription treatments like home remedies that are easy to apply to cure severe athlete’s foot. So, look at the home remedies to cure athlete’s foot and get rid of this issue forever:

    • You can add 40 drops of tea tree oil in a foot bathtub and then soak the feet in it for not more than 15 minutes. After you soak it, you have to put around 5 drops of tea tree oil on the athlete’s foot area and give it a gentle massage.


    • Garlic can also be used to cure severe athlete’s foot. You can place slices of some crushed garlic or even fresh garlic between the toes. After this, leave your toes for the whole day. Also, try to add garlic to your daily food as a supplement.


    • You can soak a cotton swab in a half filled with olive oil and then soak a swab in a circulation motion. Now you can wear socks for an hour. After this, wash your feet with lukewarm water and pat dry.


    • You can also try baking soda and cornstarch to cure severe athlete’s foot. For this, you have to take a very little amount of cornstarch and baking soda and sprinkle your feet in it. That is all you have to do.


  • Apple cider vinegar is another ingredient used to prepare remedy to cure severe athlete’s foot. You can soak your feet in a just ½ cup of apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of Himalayan Crystal salt solution and warm water. And then wipe the feet with a cloth.


Apart from the above remedies, you can also try over the counter topical creams and ointments. Sometimes home remedies are not enough to cure severe athlete’s foot. Home remedies take a long time to improve the athlete’s foot issue and if you have severe athlete’s foot, then you should need an instant treatment. Also, home remedies take so long to treat athlete’s foot and it generally depends on the health issue of every people. So, you can also try these below over the counter creams and ointments to cure severe athlete’s foot.

Some over the counter creams and ointments like Micatin, hydrocortisone, therapeutic and Lamisil AT are so effective that it solves the issue instantly. Or, apart from creams and ointments, you can also use medications.


Medications For Athlete’s Foot


Sometimes, there are some medications that are prescribed by the doctor. They are also very effective in treating athlete’s foot instantly. Or, you can also take corticosteroid pills as it reduces the symptoms of athlete’s foot. There are some other medications as well that can help you cure severe athletes’ foot. So, if you want to know what they are, then look below:

  • Terbinafine (Lamisil AT)
  • Butenafine (Lotrimin Ultra)
  • Miconazole (Desenex)
  • Sporanox
  • Clotrimazole (Lotrimin AF)
  • Tolnaftate (Tinactin)

These are some of the most effective oral medications that actually help you cure severe athlete’s foot. They do not show any side effects and gives you instant results. So, try to make use of these after consulting from podiatrist, dermatologist or any physician.


Some Prevention Tips You Should Follow To Avoid Having Athlete’s Foot


There are some must follow tips that help you avoid having athlete’s foot. So, look at these tips to avoid having athlete’s foot:

  • Never share your socks, shoes with an infected person
  • Always put antifungal powder on your feet
  • Try to change your socks when your feet are sweaty
  • Always wear shoes that are made of breathable materials
  • Wash your feet with soap and dry them thoroughly
  • Don’t walk barefoot in public places like locker rooms, swimming pool area, gyms, etc
  • Try to alternate two pairs of shoes in a week




Having athlete’s foot is very common in people who work for so long barefoot. There are some other kinds of people as well who are most likely to have athlete’s foot. But if athlete’s foot gets severe then you can cure severe athlete’s foot with the help of some natural home remedies, over the counter ointments, creams and medications. You can try some home remedies but it shows their result very late and so you can also try over the counter creams and ointments. Also, you can try the above-mentioned oral medications. They are very effective and show the best results instantly.