Learn To Cure Athlete’s Foot With Hydrogen Peroxide At Home

Athlete's Foot

Learn To Cure Athlete’s Foot With Hydrogen Peroxide At Home

Do you know that athlete’s foot is one of the major issues that cause due to several reasons? Are you also suffering from the same issue? Do you want to know how can you treat athlete’s foot? Well, if yes, then do not worry because there are several treatments you can apply to treat athlete’s foot naturally and one of the most effective remedies is the hydrogen peroxide. But, do you know what athlete’s foot actually is and what causes them to occur. If you don’t know then just go through this blog and get to know about athlete’s foot and how you can apply hydrogen peroxide for athlete’s foot treatment.


Athlete’s Foot And Their Causes athletes foot


Well, athlete’s foot is a skin disorder which is also known as ‘tinea pedis’. This issue is generally caused by several groups of fungi. These fungi are called dermatophytes and they are contagious. They are generally found on the floors of swimming pools, changing rooms. They occur in damp, dark and warm environments. Some of the major symptoms of having athlete’s foot are the itchy, flaky rash on the foot and they are mainly found between the toes. Also, they are sometimes accompanied by the bad odor. Apart from this, sometimes this fungus infection spreads to the toenails and causes unsightly drying and yellowing of the toenails.

Athlete’s foot is generally caused by a fungus that used to enter an individual’s skin. They are commonly found on the individual’s toes. However, it can also take place on the very bottom or top of the foot. This is contagious and it used to spread from one part of the toe to the other. And due to this, it is very important to get some immediate treatment and do not put the affected area into contact with any other areas. But, do you know how can contract athlete’s foot.


Who Can Contract Athlete’s Foot?


Athlete’s foot can take place in those people who spend a lot of their time around changing rooms, swimming pools and also spending a lot of time in sweaty trainers. Also, athlete’s foot is very common in young men than women. This is because of the fact that men are more likely to wear trainers or runners a lot. Also, boys used to play more team sports than girls and boys are tend to pick up the conditions in changing rooms and also through the towers they shares. However, athlete’s foot can now be treated very well with hydrogen peroxide. So, look below to know how it can help you to cure athlete’s foot.


Why Hydrogen Peroxide For Athlete’s Foot Treatment?

hydrogen peroxide for athletes foot

Hydrogen peroxide for athlete’s foot is one of the common home remedies. It is very common household antiseptic, long used ingredients to clean minor scratches and cuts. Also, it is very popular for disinfecting kitchen utensils and cutting boards. So, it makes a very clear sense that it may also kill fungus. However, applying hydrogen peroxide for athlete’s foot is not an immediate treatment but it can treat this issue soon without showing any side effects. Hydrogen peroxide is not so expensive and is easily available in the pharmacies.

Most of the companies try to manipulate hydrogen peroxide into a new treatment and sell it under their name. No doubt, they will work but they are not better than the pure hydrogen peroxide you can apply at home. Applying pure hydrogen peroxide will be less expensive than the products made with hydrogen peroxide to treat athlete’s foot.


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Hydrogen Peroxide To Cure Athlete’s Foot


As I said before that hydrogen peroxide is the most powerful natural remedy that you can use for the treatment of athlete’s foot. The broad spectrum antimicrobial properties present in the hydrogen peroxide not only deal with the fungus but it also bacterial and viral invaders as well. When hydrogen peroxide is applied to the foot then there will be an instant reaction as some extra oxygen molecules become free.

Well, to apply hydrogen peroxide to cure athlete’s foot, you will need some helpful ingredients to treat athlete’s foot. Look below, what you will need:

  • 1pint 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 8pints of distilled water
  • Spray bottle

Now look below to know how to apply hydrogen peroxide to treat athlete’s foot. Follow the below instructions to know how you can apply hydrogen peroxide for athlete’s foot treatment.


How To Apply Hydrogen Peroxide

hydrogen peroxide for athlete's foot

In order to apply hydrogen peroxide to treat athlete’s foot, you can follow these steps. You can try these below steps and get rid of athlete’s foot with an ease.

You need to mix just one pint of 3% hydrogen peroxide into 8pints of lukewarm water. Now you have to leave your feet so that you can soak for about 20-30 minutes twice a day as needed. After you complete this, it is best to leave your feet dry on its own. But make sure that there is no moisture on them before you put your socks and shoes back on. Also, make sure that you are using 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide as stronger concentrations can be very harmful to the skin.

Sometimes, even after applying hydrogen peroxide, athlete’s foot cannot be cured when it becomes severe. In that case, you need to visit your doctor. So, look at details below to know when you should visit your doctor.


When To Visit A Doctor For Athlete’s Foot


Even after applying hydrogen peroxide, you are unable to cure athlete’s foot; it becomes very important to visit a doctor. If the athlete’s foot condition is severe and so you are in lot of pain then it is time to see your doctor. You should soon consult your doctor or physician if you notice that:

  • You have diabetes and develop athlete’s foot
  • Your foot is swollen and becomes warm
  • Pus appears on the cracked skin or blisters
  • The inflammation proves to incapacitate

If you notice any of these issues then you should soon consult your doctor. He/she will prescribe you some effective oral medications for your athlete’s foot treatment.


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How To Prevent Athlete’s Foot


There are some must follow tips that help you avoid having athlete’s foot. So, look at these tips to avoid having athlete’s foot:

  • Do not share your shoes, socks with an infected person
  • Make sure you put antifungal powder on your feet
  • Always change your socks when your feet are sweaty
  • Try to wear shoes that are made of breathable materials
  • Also, wash your feet with soap and dry them thoroughly
  • Never walk barefoot in public places like swimming pool area, locker rooms, gyms, etc
  • Make sure you alternate two pairs of shoes in a week




If you have athlete’s foot then it is very common for those people who walk barefoot in public places like swimming pools, locker rooms, changing rooms and more. Also, people who are related to sports field also get athlete’s foot. But, there are several home remedies to cure athlete’s foot treatment and you can try them at home. However, using hydrogen peroxide as an athlete’s foot treatment is the best option. Yes, you can apply hydrogen peroxide to cure athlete’s foot easily at home. You can know the easy procedure in the above section of this blog to know how to apply hydrogen peroxide for athlete’s foot treatment. So, just try it and get rid of this foot issue forever.